The Aguacene Prophecy

A new epoch is upon us where humanity finally embraces water as the life force which connects all earthlings into a Stewardship Of The Drop... One drop to rule them all... One drop to find them... One drop to bring them all... And in the water bind them.

The Aguacene Purpose

We connect the drops so that life can keep flowing.

The Aguacene Promise

We pledge to keep Gaia's waters blue like the blood in our veins... Coincidence?... We think not.

The Aguacene Proclamation

We aim to make humanity incredibly R-I-C-H by...

... Raising 10 billion dollars for ocean stewardship projects...
... Inspiring 100 million or more closet stewards to come out...
... Creating humanity's first fully Gaia conscious micro-economy and...
... Having juicy fun in the process!

The Aguacene Plan

OMG! We haven't got the foggiest!

Just kidding.

Splash 1 is complete! The Aguacene™ Fund at Tides Canada Foundation is now active.

Stay tuned for one heck of a wave.

Fiji Or Bust: A Shark Finning Tale


It’s Friday night and the Bramble family have invited their neighbours, the Whites, for dinner. Their guests marvel at the scrumptious display of raw fish. Mr. White is especially taken with the salmon tartare, his favourite, and comments:

The Secrets Of The Deep

Tube Worms courtesy of Wikepedia

Near freezing temperatures, complete darkness, and the pressure of 4 SUVs on your big toe!

If this sounds like beginner salsa with an elephant in Prague in November, you’d be on to something in a random kind of way.

How Clean Is Clean?

Hand Washing

When it comes to our fresh waterways and our oceans, clean means abundant naturally occurring micro-nutrients flowing into the tummies of wriggly slippery fish and water mammals.

But what about for us humans?

Bye-bye F-word

Happy Humpback Whale Says Bye-bye F-word

The F-word is Gaia’s dirty little secret which she spits out at us from time to time when she feels particularly incensed and potty-mouthed.

From now on Aguacene ejects the F-word from all communications and thought.

An Arctic Storm Is Coming

The ocean conveyor belt courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

You may have seen a few articles floating around the internet lately on increased military interest in the Arctic. The scent of freshly pressed bills clog the minds of greedy corporations and fossil fuel hungry national leaders with a convoy of flying piggies with slits on their backs.

Is this the Arctic storm of the future?

Sylvia’s Wish

plastic jellyfish courtesy of google images with tagged for commercial reuse

“I wish you would use all means at your disposal — films! Expeditions! The web! More! — To ignite public support for a global network of marine protected areas, hope spots large enough to save and restore the ocean, the blue heart of the planet” — Sylvia Earle, 2009, TED Prize Winner 2009