Our Life Source

from maxgladweel.com article on Global Parching This image is absolutely beautiful!

It captures the cradle we universe babies sleep in. I wonder what it will take for us to wake? Perhaps a documentary as mentioned in Max Gladwell’s article on Global Parching where I acquired this photo from?

Inspiration is guiding, nudging, or more like bashing me on the head to re-focus on where the source of our environmental woes lies and what influenced the setting for the Nemecene world. If you close your eyes and run through all the  weekly themes from the work leading up to the Aguacene™ launch at WomanNotWaiting.com and ask yourself the question…”If I had to pick one thing to focus on what would it be?” …you may come to the conclusion like I have.

H2O is where it’s at! Yeeehaaa for Water!

The only way we can survive as a species and stop the insanity we are dumping onto our fellow earthlings is to realize that we are all connected through water. When we really internalize that fact, then the thought of harming Water becomes repulsive to us (Lady Gag Gag Gag and Gag again) and our choices follow in alignment with that.

The trick is to internalize the thought that Water is our life source and become willfully aware that Water IS the source of all life.

For one, let’s stop messing with the deep sea!

The last 2 minutes of the following video which twitter steward @NoDeepSeaMining shared, holds the key to our success as extra-ordinary people (because quite frankly, none of us are ordinary :-) ). My request to you is to take that 2 minutes if you are not currently able to watch the entire video and REALLY internalize what this woman is saying. She speaks for all humanity not just the Papua New Guineans. EXCELLENT!


I feel shame that a Canadian company is the catalyst that is starting a killing spreed of ALL life on Earth from our deep ocean source (as far as scientists now know, those mineral rich vents are where life begins on our planet’s surface). And I feel pride that I am one Canadian who is putting my name to petitions against this.

My hope is that you too will speak out. Use that beautiful, intelligent, and powerful voice of yours!

For two-sies’s, let our  inquiring minds ponder… Well, well, well.

And for three-sies’s, in the spirit of a Woman Not Waiting entering phase 2 of her mission, let’s join water stewards together in a Stewardship Of The Drop.

Let's make a splash!


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