Canada’s Cold Amazon

Mackenzie River photo by Fritz Mueller

Photo: Fritz Mueller

“Imagine a giant river, which connects all Canadians and helps control our climate, had something to say” —  Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation

And imagine that this same river had the power to converse with another great river, the Mississippi, using his unique voice, one that appears silent to human ears but roars in volume and urgency to the oceans which connect the two.

What tale would these majestic beings tell?

A thwarted expression of earthly love with Mack pining for the graceful curves of his dear Miss only to fall prey to his own demise at the hands of unmentionable ills (unmentionable in accordance with the Aguacene language police of course, see Bye-bye F-word)?

Or would it be many heroes’ journeys bestowing the boons of their creative endeavours onto Mack so that he can muster the strength to revive his southern Belle before she is drained and drugged into toxic oblivion?

Within the breathtaking valleys of the Mackenzie River Basin lies a wisdom which knows how to give life and beauty to one of the last remaining pristine natural wonders of our world.  It’s the wisdom of the Deh-Cho.

Mack knows how to assemble the creeks, brooks, and rivers of his watershed clan and inspire them to press onwards to the north in a wave of ice.  He knows how to carry nutrients to the abundantly biodiverse pools of microscopic creatures waiting by the shores of the Beaufort Sea.  He even knows a thing or two about climate change and negotiating with his salty cousin for sea ice.

There is nothing Mack has not witnessed in his travels around the world and back as water,  mist, or ice.  He has seen it all and now he laments.

He bemoans the suffering of his southern Belle, his Miss, and the salty waters of her tears in the Gulf of Mexico. But his resolve is strong and with it that of the people who form part of his powerful clan— the people of the Deh Cho.

If Mack could talk in words we all could hear, he would say “Thank you Walter & Duncan Gordon Foundation for being my voice.”  

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