About Aguacene™

The Aguacene™ vision was born from a call to action to inspire a new epoch where humanity and water live in complete harmony. It exists beyond a time of simple awareness. It is a time of knowing.

To quote from the great Greek philosophers, “know thyself”. This internal quest brings us to one simple truth — we are water — but the river of consciousness does not stop here.

Since all fanciful philosophical musings unveil yet deeper mysteries, the ultimate question whose revelation has the power to change our core values and therefore shift our collective behaviour into one of stewardship for ourselves, our planet, and all our fellow earthlings is: Who Is Water?

Aguacene™, the Epoch of Water (in Spanish: agua), was born from a call to action.

She is a powerful wave smashing into a hardened world with the purpose of molding it with integrity, Gaia consciousness, and gratitude, of showering it with fun, creativity, and self-expression, and of flooding it with excellence, contribution, and life…all immersed in an ocean of serenity.

Her primary focus is to raise funds through various eco-conscious businesses in order to fund charities and special projects supporting local and global water initiatives such as: water quality, ocean acidification, responsible water consumption, water purification, action-based water education, healthy water ecosystems, marine preserves, watershed stewardship, arctic and antarctic protection, measurement, monitoring, tracking, and projecting to name a few.

The first funding fin in the Aguacene™ Progeny is Aguacene Publishing, Inc. with the Nemecene™ science fiction novel series. Future progeny include eco-conscious film productions, properties, products, produce, and other industries which start with the letter P… just for the “phun” of it of course.

Those of you who have been following Woman Not Waiting will see the Womanifesto flow onwards and the heels take on a curious webbed quality giving them quite the kick.

Let’s make a splash!