Bye-bye F-word

Happy Humpback Whale Says Bye-bye F-wordAs I sit here on a beautiful sunny Sunday afternoon sifting through this week’s top water stories looking for inspiration, I am struck by the amount of turmoil humanity finds themselves in…have gotten themselves into.  The headlines as always are sensationalistic.

Digging into the real story becomes increasingly challenging so I plunge into a sea of Eckhart Tolle wisdom and swim for the space between the drops, the hope amongst the madness.

Instead of baiting the greed of the extraction and destruction industry with headlines like “Cold War Over Arctic Heats Up” or “The Race for The Arctic”, how about creating a vision for the Arctic that excludes the F-word?  That F-word which lies beneath the catchy hook? It’s even a double-F-word or F-squared! Just pick the one that shakes the b-geebees inside you most.

The F-word is Gaia’s dirty little secret which she spits out at us from time to time when she feels particularly incensed and potty-mouthed. From now on Aguacene ejects the F-word from all communications and thought.

We won’t be dropping any F-bombs here!

Of course, eliminating its use completely although ideal is not immediately probable, but we can certainly still politely ask the offending guest to leave the party.  And what of those who crash our life celebration with their obnoxious display of sustainably unacceptable behaviour? I am sure an ice-faced bouncer can “escort them” to the oil rigs from whence they came.

In the spirit of non-resistance let us think thoughts which dissolve the profanity. Perhaps we can imagine how a pristine Arctic looks without the slimy gooey F-word?  Without F-squared? 

Well, it turns out we don’t have to burst a blood vessel trying blow bitumen bubbles out our ears to capture a glimpse of it. Take a peak. She is already absolutely breath-giving. Let’s keep her that way.


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